Hello Gary,
I just wanted to send a short email to tell you again what a great company you have and also great employees. After working at the Landings for over 37 years there is not many companies I would hire to work at my home that have done work for me at the Landings. I can count on 1 hand the number of people I would hire to work at my home. If I had a pool at my house your company would be the only one I would hire to make my repairs. Over the years I have hired you to locate leaks and make the repairs once you find them. All of your employees work with professionalism and care for the work they perform. Steve and Brent in the past were very helpful in locates and repair work, Brent on last week’s location and then yesterdays repair job. I cannot believe what this guy does. I am sure you have seen in the past Brent digging these small holes in the concrete and working below grade. Me, I could not do what he does, first off I am too big and too old to get into these places. It is just amazing how well your crew works together. I just got to meet your new employee Cory and I think he is headed in the same direction as the other 2 guys. He was always there helping Brent with whatever he needed to get the job done.

Brent called me after 6pm last night to tell me they were done with the first repair and now I hear we have another leak. Please have your office staff give me another proposal and quote for this repair so I can get a ok from my office for this repair.

Thanks again for all you guys do!

Kevin Tock

Congratulations on having a great company to do business with! From the friendliness and businesslike people in the ‘front office’ to the excellent service techs, it has been a pleasure to be a customer. Steve and Joe just left and not only did they quickly diagnose my problem, but just as quickly repaired it. Not only were they both courteous and knowledgable but very friendly and informative as well. If any of my friends or business associates ever ask me to recommend a pool supply/repair company it will most assuredly be Keller Pools.

Thanks to everyone again!

Mark F.

Dear Keller Pools,
Just want you to know I am very happy with your company and the way the pool looks. Your guys did an excellent job – and all I had contact with at Keller Pools were extremely nice and helpful. Its good to know we have at least ONE pool contractor in Lee County that is dependable and honest.

Thanks again!

Juli H. ‘A Happy Customer

To the staff of workers at Keller Pools,
When Hurricane Charlie took down my pool cage and destroyed my liner pool, I was unsure of whom to find to do the repair and replacement of the pool. I am so glad that my son found Keller Pools. I was in Ohio at the time taking care of my elderly mother and was not able to conduct the contract with Keller in person. They made sure I received all the needed information by mail and everything went smoothly. When they started on the pool, they ran into problems with the ground water running in at an alarming amount. They never gave up and now I can enjoy my new pool because of such workmanship. The pool is 16′ X 32′ in ground with a deep end. I would recommend Keller Pools to anyone who wants excellent and quality service.


Barbara L.

Dear Keller Pools,
It is my pleasure to tell you how much I value the great job and great familiarity I had with your company. We are very happy with everything. The way you placed the pool, it was very nice and neat. I am so glad I worked with Keller Pools! You are very straightforward, and I appreciate it. When you first started the pool, my husband and I were very nervous because we were talking about building an in ground pool. It was my idea to build an above ground pool. I’ve been thinking, ‘I’m living in a flood zone, why should I build a $35,000 pool in the ground?’ When the pool was finished with the deck and fence, it was beautiful and amazing. Many neighbors came to look at the pool. They said it was beautiful. I’m encouraging anyone who would like to build a pool to choose Keller Pools because they are the best. If you want to see the beauty of Keller Pools, you have to build it with a deck and a fence. My kids enjoy the deck to lie in the sun and at night time to watch the stars. My husband and I enjoy the deck also. It’s awesome! I want to thank you and all of your employees for all the hard work you did.


Anne & Jefferson O.

To the Entire Keller Team,
We just wanted to thank you once again for taking on our pool as one of your jobs. Steve and Jesse did an excellent job. And it was a pleasure to have the boss stop by once in a while to make sure things were going smoothly. We are just so pleased with the workmanship and the quality of care that went to make our investment worth while. Thank you again. Everyone was so kind, polite and knowledgeable. It was good to see nice people working together. We had heard things about your business and now we can add our own good remarks about your company! Have a great summer!


Jolene & Frank G.

Dear Keller Pools,
Many thanks to you for a job well done!! In this day and age you do not find many people who are dedicated to their work from beginning to end. You were very courteous from the first time you came to our home. You were very professional throughout the entire project. You informed us on what would be happening at ever stage of our pool and deck. All of the employees of Keller Pools worked very hard and were extremely meticulous at what they were doing. Our pool and deck are a direct reflection of their hard work.

Thank you again and my seven year old REALLY thanks you!!

Ray & Monica A.

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