ColorSplash LED Pool Lamp RGBW – 12 Volts

ColorSplash LED Pool Lamp RGBW – 12 Volts

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This is a ColorSplash LED replacement Pool Lamp RGBW, 12 Volts. The J & J Electronics ColorSplash LPL Series inground pool lamps offer the advantage of PureWhite LED lighting in addition to LED color changing. The J & J Pool Lamps are compatible with all major manufacturers of incandescent pool lights. Each replacement lamp includes J & J’s Guardian pool fixture lens gasket which has been designed specifically for use with LED lamps. With a variety of solid colors and color changing lights shows, instantly transform any pool into a custom illuminated paradise. The replacement lamps install in minutes and offer the ideal ambiance for playing, relaxing or entertaining. Plus they provide immediate energy cost savings over traditional incandescent pool lamps. The ColorSplash LED replacements can be controlled with most major pool automation systems, the J & J XG Controller, or manually with an on/off power switch.


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